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Tropical Fruit Stand

Organic Tropical Jams from the island of Sri Lanka

Organic Tropical Jams from the island of Sri Lanka

Organic Tropical Jams from the island of Sri LankaOrganic Tropical Jams from the island of Sri Lanka

Our Story

Everyone has a story to tell. Since I’m not big in writing stories, in few short words I would like to share with you how Tropical Fruits Stand has come to be what it is today.  My wife and I were blessed with twins about six years ago and when my parents came to visit the newborns, they came bearing gifts.  It was my favorites, homemade sweets, cookies and tropical fruit jams from Sri Lanka.  Tasting these jams brought back memories of my child hood, when my mom would make Pineapple jam that was simply amazing.  Since I couldn’t find exotic tropical flavors that I was used to in the markets in LA, I went to Sri Lanka in search for a manufacture that shared my passion. All natural jams made with exotic flavors, combined with natural ingredients and a tiny bit of sugar; and we found our niche. Today with the dedication and support of my Family and friends, we have grown from being sold in a few specialty stores in Los Angeles, to being sold in fine retailers all over the US and Canada.

All our products are made using the finest quality organically grown fruit by small farmers in Sri Lanka. The fruits are carefully handpicked by our production experts and are hand made in small batches. This ensures that only the highest quality fruit which is perfectly ripened is used to manufacture our mouthwatering products.

Tropical Fruit Stand is committed to perfection, which is why today our unique collection of products is loved by many. So if you want to take a trip to a Tropical Island without leaving your kitchen, you have come to the right place.    

I hope you enjoy our products as much as I have bringing them to you.